Video Pipe Inspection

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Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection is a way to visually analyse and inspect the inside of plumbing lines and sewer systems. The reason for video pipe inspection, is to determine the condition of sewer line and the pipes in the plumbing system of the property.

Older Sewer lines tend to be smaller in diameter, usually 6-inches (or 150 mm). This is made by the joining of a number of short 3 feet sections of pipe. The segments of the pipe are often made of cast iron, with 10 to 20 feet sections. The most common material used in older sewer lines is vitrified clay pipe (VCP), a ceramic material. This comes in 3 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet sections. Each iron or clay segment has an enlargement (a “bell”) on one end to receive the end of the adjacent segment of the pipe. It is very common for tree roots and vegetation to work into the joins between segments. Over time, these tree roots and vegetation can be forceful enough to break opening into the cast iron or clay plumbing.

The tree roots and vegetation naturally do this for survival. They are attacking the plumbing so they can get a source of water and nutrition. Once they start in a plumbing system they will eventually form a root ball, and this will impede the flow of water through the plumbing system.

Today’s plumbing professionals have modern video pipe inspection equipment that can go through the interior of the plumbing system and sewer lines. This is a non-destructive form of testing.

If you have backed up floor drain and clogged sewer lines, it is wise to hire a plumbing company that has the proper video pipe inspection equipment to assess the problem. This is much smarter than pouring expensive chemicals down the drain or running out to the local tool rental store to get a drain snake. Chemicals and drain snakes can destroy your plumbing and be harmful to the environment. It is best to contact a plumbing professional from Best Plumbers® and have the plumbing problem accurately inspected with the right video pipe inspection equipment.

Types of Video Pipe Inspection Equipment

Video Pipe Inspection Service Trucks Video Pipe Inspection Truck

A video pipe inspection service truck contains a power supply in the form of a generator, an area containing video pipe inspection monitoring and recording equipment, and often a computer that is assessing and displaying and recording the scale of and size of the pipe and materials inside the pipe or sewer lines.

Cable and Winch

At the back end of the video pipe inspection truck is a durable powered reel with video cable reinforced with kevlar or steel wire braid. Some video pipe inspection trucks will also contain a powered winch that allows for lowering and retrieval of the video pipe inspection equipment.

Video Pipe Inspection CameraVideo Pipe Inspection Camera

Often referred to as a PIG (pipeline inspection gauge), the camera and lights are mounted in a swiveling head attached to the end of a cylindrical body. The camera head pans and tilts remotely. Integrated into the video pipe inspection camera head are lighting devices (typically the lighting are LED) for illuminating the inside of the pipe or sewer line. The camera is connected to display equipment through a long cable. Some plumbing companies video pipe inspection equipment are equipped with lasers. This gives them the ability to accurately measure the pipe diameter and other distance data inside the plumbing system.

Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Responsible plumbing requires us to conserve water, energy, and money. A slow drip at the tap can result in up to 5 gallons of wasted water a month. It is wise to keep your plumbing system in good working order and invest in video pipe inspection of your plumbing and sewer lines.

A home’s plumbing system is hidden from and view. It is concealed behind the home’s walls, floors, and ceilings. It is buried beneath the ground of a home’s exterior. Pipes, drains and sewer lines in highly maintained homes are subject to unforeseen problems, such as corrosion, blockages, and breaks from tree roots. A video pipe inspection of the plumbing system allows experienced plumbers to view hidden areas and address plumbing problems without causing undue disruption to the home.

Video Pipe Inspection Takes out the Guesswork

Radio transmitters  on the high resolution camera record the exact depth and physical location. This pinpoint the exact location of the leak in the pipe or obstructions in the plumbing line. This enables a technician to accurately diagnose and solve the plumbing problem. There is no guesswork with video pipe inspection, the exact problem will be identified quickly.

Identify The Exact Causes of the Problem

Video pipe inspection will identify all types of problems in a plumbing system, such as root intrusion, misaligned plumbing pipes, and broken or punctured plumbing lines. Video pipe inspection also identifies the types of blockages, such as grease buildup or tree roots. It is wise to do video pipe inspection after routine plumbing repairs, this verifies the plumbing line has been properly cleaned, and may identify future plumbing problems.

Video pipe inspection is always recommended if you are experiencing repeated plumbing backups, slow drains or blockages.

Home Inspections Should Include Video Pipe Inspection

Before you purchase a home video pipe inspection should be done. This will help ensure the plumbing system and sewer lines are free of problems that can cost tens of thousands in future plumbing repairs.

Preventing Plumbing Repairs and Saving Water

When the plumbing leak occurs in a water line underneath the foundation of a home, it can threaten the structural integrity of the home. A small leak in a plumbing system can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Plumbing leaks can be caused by a variety of plumbing problems, including collapsed clay pipes outside the home, blockages in plumbing lines going to the sewer main, corrosion of pipes, invasive tree roots and breaks in the plumbing caused by shifting soil.

A video pipe inspection allows plumber to pinpoint the precise location of a plumbing problem without having to employ invasive practices that make plumbing repairs more costly. Without the use of a plumbing camera, plumbers would have to use guesswork to locate problems and are unable to give homeowners a true estimate for the work. Video pipe inspections give plumbers the ability to quote a more accurate estimate for the plumbing repairs before they start work. This prevent future surprises of the plumbing issues they will incur.

Video Pipe Inspection for Plumbing Home Inspections

Video pipe inspections are an important part of a quality home inspection. This assures potential home buyers of future costly plumbing repairs. Video pipe inspection offers peace of mind when someone plans to remain in an existing home as well. Video pipe inspection allows video to be transmitted to a monitor. This allows plumbing professionals to inspect and view problems (or potential problems) in real time. The video is then saved to serve as a permanent record of the plumbing system. This can be used by the seller to help sell the home, while also giving the buyer an honest assessment of future plumbing costs.

Video Pipe Inspection is a Fast and Effective Solution

Video pipe inspection can be ideal for facilitating the recovery of lost items in a plumbing system, such as jewelry or other valuables that may have been dropped down the toilet or sink. Video pipe inspection allows a plumber to determine the exact location of the lost item. The relief that comes from knowing a treasured item or family heirloom is not lost down the drain forever is reason enough to have a plumbing professional do video pipe inspection. Video pipe inspection is a fast and effective way to determine the cause of plumbing blockages as well, retrieve wanted items that may have been accidentally dropped in the plumbing lines.

Video pipe inspection is a fast non-invasive way to locate plumbing problems. It is the best was to assess the current condition of plumbing pipes, drains and sewer lines. While also providing a visual record of the plumbing. This will show if the plumbing would benefit from drain cleaning services. Whether you need emergency plumbing repairs or simply want assurance that your property is safe from water damage, video pipe inspection of a plumbing system offers peace of mind, as well as provides solutions to plumbing problems and drain blockages.

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