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Plumbers that with slab leak solutions are worth their weight in gold. Without question, one of the worst things that could happen to any property owner is a slab leak. Worse than a pure slab leak, is a slab leak that has a crimped water line. When a water pipe wears out because of age, it is much different than a slab leak repair that needs to be made because of bad building construction.

If you suspect that you have a water leak underneath your concrete building slab or foundation, you can do a simple water meter test. The first thing that you need to do is locate your meter and then make sure that all of the water valves are turned off throughout the entire property.

Make certain there are no toilets running, faucets dripping, wash machines being used, sprinklers watering your yards and that no one is taking a shower or bath. If there isn’t any being used on the property, the water meter shouldn’t move.

You can take a picture of the water meter with a digital camera or you can read the meter and write the numbers down, along with the exact time. Come back and read the water mete again in 15 minutes. If the water meter numbers haven’t moved, come back and read it again in two hours. If the water meter numbers haven’t moved, this is good news. Usually, this means that you don’t have a water leak.

High Water Bills Are Often Due to Slab LeaksFrau liest schlechte Nachricht

If the numbers on the water meter have moved, then you have a water leak somewhere in your plumbing system. If the water meter numbers didn’t move very much, you could contact a plumber in Best Plumbers®, to get a second opinion. If the water meter numbers moved more than one number with in 15 minutes, you should contact a plumber immediately. Millions of dollars a year are wasted in the United States because of water leaks in plumbing systems. Often, slab leaks in the foundation of a home or business are the cause to individuals losing money through wasting water.

A running water meter, when all the valves are shut off if the plumbing system means there is a leak. If the water leak is not obvious, there is a possibility you have a slab leak if you have plumbing in the slab of your foundation.  A responsible property owner should always repair water leaks in a plumbing system as soon as possible, because they can cause structural foundation damage, wood framing damage and can even attract mold and mildew. Not only can the structure of the home be affected, but the health of people in the home or business can be at risk due to the mold.

Bottom line: if you suspect a slab leak in your home or business and need slab leak repair, reach out to the professionals at Best Plumbers®

Slab Repair

The slab leak repair experts listed in Best Plumbers® have been researched and reviewed. You can trust these plumbing professionals to accurately assess the leak in the slab of your home and business, and provide the correct remedy for the situation.

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