Gas Water Heaters

Advantages of Gas Water Heaters

From: Best Plumbers®

Gas powered water heaters are three to four times less expensive to operate than electric models.

When it comes to owning a home or piece of commercial property, saving on energy costs is something everyone has on their minds. One thing that is commonly overlooked, and is something that adds a great deal to energy costs, is the cost of hot water. Now, obviously hot water is a necessity for any home or business. Whether it is taking a shower, cooking, doing laundry or simply washing your hands, hot water is an amenity that is essential to a well functioning building. However, there can certainly be cost cutting measures made in water heating systems and with the advance of new technology, the savings can really add up.

Tankless Water Heaters run off of gas and take up much less space than traditional models.

One thing that will be a huge cost benefit is to replace an old electric water heater with a gas

powered unit. Natural gas is a much more efficient and cheaper option when it comes to powering a water heater than the old electric systems. In fact, in some cases, electric water heaters can cost three to four times more to operate than a gas powered heater. With new advances in gas heating technology, tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular as well. Tankless heaters run off of gas and and much smaller and less cumbersome than the traditional water

heaters as they do not require the use of the large water storage tank used by traditional models. One thing that people love about the tankless option also is the fact that they provide instant hot water, so that means no more waiting and waiting by the running faucet for the water to get hot enough. This results in saving several gallons of water ever month and is a time saving advantage that people love about the tankless water heaters. Whatever option you deem best for yourself, it is always best to seek the advice from a licensed and insured plumbing contractor, who can assess your needs accordingly and put you in line with the best product.

Do not make the mistake of trying to install these systems yourself, especially when it comes to handling gas lines. These are jobs that should only be handled by professionals and in the long run it will only cost you time, hassle and headache to try to install a water heater yourself. Best Plumbers® features listings of the most highly recommended plumbing professionals in your area, who will get the job done right the first time. Visit today to find a plumber who can install your gas powered or tankless water heater today.

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