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Fresno Plumbing

Fresno Plumbing and Plumber Services by Quality Plumbing

Fresno’s best plumbing source providing residential, commercial, and service plumbing.


Welcome to Quality Plumbing we have proudly served the people of Fresno, Clovis, and the central San Joaquin Valley for over 28 years. We know that there are many plumbers and plumbing contractors to choose from and we are pleased that you have chosen us to be your plumber. Quality Plumbing takes great pride in our work and customer service and will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your plumbing experience. Quality Plumbing is here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week so if you have a plumbing emergency feel free to give us a call day or night. (559) 233-9655

Quality plumbing is your Fresno Clovis commercial service plumbing company too. Quality Plumbing has worked in all facets of commercial plumbing. So if you need a urinal or flush valve replaced, commercial water heater installed, commercial remodel or a new commercial building plumbed Quality Plumbing are the plumbers to call.

  • Drain Cleaning

If you have a clogged drain give Quality Plumbing a call we can clean sewer lines up to 8 inches in diameter and up to 200 feet in length. So day or night Quality Plumbing will get your home or business sewer system up and running again.

  • Green

Quality Plumbing is doing everything we can to be green. Plumbers have more recyclable material than probably any other trade, such as copper, many types of plastic, steel, iron, and even water heaters can be recycled. We do our best to never throw out any recyclables. We use every scrap of pipe we can and recycle the rest.

  • Toilets

Did you know the City of Fresno gives a rebate for replacing an old toilet with a new water saving model. However in most cases your toilet does not have to be replaced proper maintenance can keep a toilet working for life. Quality Plumbing can rebuild your old toilet and make it work like it was new again. If you want to replace the old toilet we will do that too. Just give us a call.

  •  Tank-less

Tank-less water heaters are a new technology to most people in the U.S. but they have been in use in Europe and Japan for over thirty years. Tank-less water heaters save you money on your water and gas bill by only heating the water you use. Tank less water heaters only run when you turn on the hot water this way you’re not heating water twenty four hours a day like tank type water heaters. Tank-less water heaters do have a large upfront cost and usually require resizing of the gas main and relocation of water line at the water heater. However the federal government will provide you with $500.00 tax credit for the replacement of an old tank type water heater for a new tank less type. On top of that the savings after this initial cost is forever and most new homes include this type of heating system vs. the traditional water tank heaters. If you are considering installing a tank-less give Quality Plumbing call we have installed thousands of tank-less water heaters in the Fresno/Clovis Area.

  •  Water Softner

Ok, we all know Fresno has extremely hard water but the city of Fresno does not recommended salt based water softeners installed in the City as it is damaging the ground water. So what’s the solution? Well it’s a cutting edge new technology by Nuvo H2O that uses a citrus based formula to soften your water without needing to filter water for drinking like salt based softeners. Not only are these softeners safer and less costly than a salt based softener, they don’t require electricity so they save you money on your power bill too. They are FDA approved and will not only reduce mineral deposits on fixtures and in pipes they also over time eradicate current buildup as well. Depending on water usage, they require a filter change once every six to twelve months. Filters run between $125 and $185 depending on the unit. The advantages of having this system are longer life on your water heater and fixtures including tank-less water heaters, cleaner clothes, no salt in your water system, cleaner glasses and dishes, use less soap to clean because the water is soft it cleans better too. Below is a link to Nuvo H2O’s web page.

  •  Water Heater

Here at Quality Plumbing we want to provide the best customer experience possible, which is why we use only Bradford White water heaters for our tank type replacements. Bradford White is a 99% American made water heater that provides maximum reliability along with the newest energy saving technology. They are also an energy star qualified appliance. These water heaters are designed to provide years of worry free use. Below is a link to Bradford White.

  •  Sewer Lines

Did you know Fresno is known as tree city USA? So as a result of all these beautiful trees there are a lot of homes in Fresno that have their sewer lines filled with roots. You can always have the sewer lines snaked and de-rooted. However over time this cost will add up to a lot of expense on your part. If you have a root filled sewer line there is no better way to fix it than to replace the existing sewer line with a new ABS line. ABS not only lasts longer than your old cast iron or clay pipe, it costs less and water flows better on its smooth surface. If you are interested in replacing a main line don’t hesitate to call Quality Plumbing it’s not as big a job as you might think.

  •   Pricing.

Cash checks and visa or master card accepted.
Quality Plumbing knows there are many unlicensed plumbers in the Fresno Clovis area that can beat a licensed contractor’s price. But before you hire one, a few words of warning, they are not licensed, insured, or bonded. They have no governing body watching over them to protect the home or business owner, so if they run out on the job or have a major leak you are left holding the bag for the damage. That being said, Quality Plumbing will do our very best to match or beat any other licensed plumber’s price. And since we have been in business for over 28 years you will know the job was done right.

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Contact us by phone 559-834-1000 or by email

Warranty Information

All labor and materials provided by Quality plumbing are backed by a one year warranty. This excludes drain cleaning and misuse by Owner.

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