Epoxy Pipe Lining

Corrosion occurs as pipes age and putting off addressing this issue until there is a backup or a rupture will without a doubt be a messy, invasive and costly process. Also, having such an incident occur could potentially displace residents and cause serious health hazards. Treating pipes with epoxy linings is a surefire way to protect yourself against propertydamage and protect your building’s infrastructure. Pipe repair, or “re-pipe” is never an easy feat and simply replaces old pipes with the same materials, which will ultimately need to be replaced again and again. This is a cumbersome process and unfortunately simply replacing broken pipe will not solve the root of the entire problem.

With the use of new, cutting edge technology pipe problems and breakages can be predicted and solved before an incident arises. Instead of re-piping an entire building, Epoxy Pipe Lining is a much more efficient and cost-friendly alternative. In lieu of digging holes into the ground or into the building itself, Epoxy Pipe Lining uses existing access points, resulting in a much less invasive procedure saving time, money and avoiding damage. Also, these epoxy coatings result in safe,contaminate-free drinking water and does not let sewage leak into the local water system.  How this process works is essentially creating a new, seamless epoxy pipe within the existing structure which allows them to withstand more pressure and helps them to last longer.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring these issues until an incident arises. Pipe ruptures are expensive and cumbersome to fix and that’s not even taking into account the losses incurred from devastating water damage. For more information about Epoxy Pipe Lining and other services search Best Plumbers® to find the plumbing professionals in your area.




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