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Chicago Plumbing

Established in 1969 as a family-run business, Heritage Plumbing has been a “fixture” in the suburbs serving Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Inverness, Palatine and local suburban communities of Chicago ever since. Through the years, they have supported the growth of Hoffman Estates and the Schaumburg area through their reasonable pricing, free estimates and emergency plumbing services.

We go to great lengths to give your commercial, industrial, or residential plumbing project the professional attention and commitment to detail that our customers have come to expect.

Heritage Plumbing is a family-owned business dedicated to making our employees, customers, and suppliers feel like “one of the family.”


Plumbing Services in Chicago:

Heritage Plumbing specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing products and services. Our staff of 75 experienced professionals is ready to take on your largest new construction projects. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.


Sinks, Toilets, Faucets

Don’t let that leaky sink keep you up at night. We can replace that faucet or even your toilet! We do quick installs and all other services for your water closet.

  • Tub & Shower Valves
  • Toilets & Bidets
  • Faucets
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Lavatory Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Spa Tubs
  • Shower Pans

Faucet repair and installation may look like easy do it yourself  projects, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Until you start to take the faucet apart, seemingly minor jobs like replacing old gaskets, rings or corroded valves often appear deceptively simple. There are many different kinds of faucets and each requires a different approach, so if you attempt to replace them yourself, you may not achieve the desired result. If you attempt to repair a faucet on your own, you may actually cause more damage by stripping parts.


Water Heaters

There are many reasons why you must have your water heater installed by a professional. Only a licensed plumber knows and must follow the code when installing a water heater. The way your water heater was installed 10-15 years ago will not be how it should be installed today. There can be many code violations which need to be identified and fixed when installing the water heater and before a final inspection is done. These are necessary to ensure the unit will operate in a safe manner. There was close to half a million residential house fires in 2009 and a portion of those fires were caused by gas fired appliances like water heaters being installed incorrectly. There are also many deaths and sickness reported from carbon monoxide inhalation from gas burning appliances like water heaters. If your water heater isn’t vented properly or the room is not provided with sufficient air ventilation it can result in an environment with high levels of carbon monoxide. Colorless and odorless carbon monoxide cannot be detected by humans. It can make you very sick and even lead to death if you are exposed to it for long enough. Something else to consider is the fact that if your incorrectly installed, un-inspected water heater causes fire damage to your home the insurance company has grounds to dismiss your claim because of negligence on your part. These dangers are very real and that is why these codes are created and enforced. Don’t take the risk, have your water heater installed by a licensed professional.


Sewer Lines

Have you ever had a slow and sluggish drain or looked in your bathtub after washing to find a ring of gunk? If so, you may have a simple blockage not far from the drain. It might, however, be a partially clogged sewer line. Whether it’s at your restaurant, warehouse or in your bathroom, a backed up drain can shut you down. We have sophisticated equipment to help keep your drains clear. We can thoroughly clean any line up to 24 inches in diameter.

If your sewer line must be repaired, we have the crew ready to replace your sewer line as needed. Sewer line replacement we can have your sewer line replaced and solve the problem for good. No matter how bad the emergency we can handle it.

Buying a new home or not sure if you have a problem developing where you are now? We also specialize in installations and inspections.

Pumps, Disposals

Having your septic tank pumped (emptied) regularly can save hundreds of dollars in repairs, replacement and cleanup. The experts recommend that most systems be inspected and pumped about every 3 to 5 years depending on the above mentioned factors. When the septic service company comes to do the pumping, they will also inspect the system for leaks in the plumbing coming into and leaving the tank, the drain field and valves and filters in the tank. If damage or wear is noted on any part of the system, they can alert you so that plans to make the repairs can be made before septic tank failure occurs. Preventing the failure of your system by periodic inspections and septic tank pumping will save money on major repairs and replacement as well as the cleanup process should a failure occur.


Blackflow Certification

For the majority of people, drinkable water arrives from the water one of the municipality. Water comes then into the rest of the house for many various reasons: drinking, cooking, laundry, bathing, irrigation, etc. Dirty water must be treated to kill the pathogenic bacteria or other agents and chemical substances that contaminate it. If this dirty water flows back in the clean supply, this mixture can cause diseases and even death. Backflow preventers work in order to stop this problem.

Water wants to flow from a zone of high pressure to lower pressure. Normally, water that flows through the mainline feeding to high pressure in order to force it to flow in your house. However, if the water is breached the pressure in the main one can fall. When this happens, dirty water wants to encroach into the main.

The majority of the backflow preventers are complex systems of valves of pressure and zones of reduced pressure in order to avoid contaminations. In the course of the time, the constant battle in order to maintain the pressure and to prevent the contamination can wear the parts of the backflow prevention. In order to maintain the system in perfect form, it is important that one maintains these devices to regulate maintenance so that eventual damaged can be repaired. The parts that can need services and repair include:

  • Modules and seats
  • Cam check disc assemblies
  • RV seats
  • O-rings
  • Diaphragms
  • Single and double-check valves
  • Springs
  • Reduced pressure zone assemblies


Power Rodding

When the roots of the trees on your property begin to invade your home’s drainage lines, to a point where you have begun to notice the blockages in the home draining system, rodding power can help by emptying of the blockage and debris.

Unless there is a substantial problem, preventative power rodding every two or three years is cost effective compared to the malady could ensue. In most cases it is better than the cost of digging to resolve the problem completely.

When water-drainage becomes a problem it is most important to catch a broken or blocked sewage line and have it fixed before it becomes serious. We have the experience and technical know-how to reverse any situation your drainage is in.


We serve but are not limited to the following areas:

From the Wisconsin state line to I-80 and as far west as Rockford, we go to great lengths to give your commercial, industrial, or residential plumbing project the professional attention and commitment to detail that our customers have come to expect.

Our reputation is solid and we have been serving the Arlington Heights, Inverness, Barrington, Bartlett, South Barrington, Carol Stream, Itasca, Roselle, Bloomingdale, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates areas since 1969.  We have been a part of the Hoffman Estates business landscape for decades.  You can trust our licensed plumbing professionals to complete your work on time and within your budget.


Chicago Emergency Services

A disaster can strike when you least expect it, and when your not prepared to handle it. It could be as easy as a clogged drain which could flood your house if your not careful of course is a worst-case scenario. Of course a burst pipe could be as bad as a natural disaster and that is not being light. On a cold winter night as your pipes are not being used then boom your copper pipe bursts. Well you better hope you know how to turn the water off at the gate valve because you want to talk about ruining a home. This is not a pretty sight for anybody. In any of these situations its the best to call on the services of an emergency plumber.

Please call 847-885-9800 for any residential, commercial or industrial plumbing emergencies including, but not limited to:

Hoffman Estates Plumber Water Heater Replacement
Hoffman Estates Plumber Sump Pumps
Hoffman Estates Plumber Sewer Backups
Hoffman Estates Plumber Frozen Pipes
Hoffman Estates Plumber Flood controls
Hoffman Estates Plumber Rodding



February 11, 2014

This is the best plumbing company is the Chicago area.

I have been using these guys for the past 20 years. They always show up on time, and provide hassle free, trust-worthy service at a fair price.

I highly recommend Heritage Plumbing!

Tom Jordan
Chicago, IL

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