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At Charlotte Plumbing Inc. plumbing is part of our family story. The plumbing trade has been part of my family history for over 80 years. My grandfather was a plumber in Philadelphia PA for his entire career. He taught my father the trade and my father taught the trade to myself and my brother. Today we carry on the tradition of providing only the best plumbing services to our clients.

After my father passed away, my brother and I decided to leave our homes in New Jersey and start our own new companies. For almost eight years I’ve been pleased to grow and develop our business in Charlotte NC. I bring with me the experience of managing plumbing projects for schools, hospitals, multi-family housing and single family houses. Over the years I have supervised and installed plumbing in over 15 thousand new homes.

Today the focus of our company is residential service. We enjoy interacting with homeowners and the satisfaction of providing the best service at the best price. Many service plumbing companies only have experience replacing plumbing components that have broken. At Charlotte Plumbing Inc. we know how your plumbing should have been installed originally and we know how every component of your plumbing system should operate.

We’d love the opportunity to help you, your family, and your business with any plumbing needs. We promise to treat you like family because plumbing is part of our family.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing is a tricky business. Water does not like to be contained. Pipes break, fittings wear down and drains clog. We’ve seen thousands of different plumbing problems over the years and even though many problems are caused in familiar ways – no two situations are the same. Problem solving and troubleshooting are the key factors to look for in a plumber. We pride ourselves in solving difficult situations.

Please call us to trouble shoot and solve all your plumbing problems in your home or business.

Water Heaters

Over the years we’ve installed tens of thousands of water heaters. We’ve seen a steady decline in the amount of time that newer water heaters last. There was a time when you could expect a water heater to last 15-25 years. Now days we see average installations last 8-12 years. Whether you are thinking of installing an electric or gas water heater let us help you choose the best water heater, the best installation and give you the best price.

Sewer Line Repair

If you have a home that is 25-35 years old, there is a good chance that you have cast iron drain lines. Over time these lines buried underground that serve as your main sewer line begin to fail due to the pipe corroding. The pipes are also joined in ten foot sections. These connections are also common areas that fail over time and allow small roots to penetrate into the pipe. Many times these roots will feed off the sewage, rapidly grow, and clog or crack your drain pipe.

We’ll help you decide whether a repair or replacement is your best option. It’s not uncommon for us to see failures in newer PVC drain lines that were not glued properly or were broken underground. Whatever the situation, we have all the experience and equipment to repair or replace your damaged pipe and restore your property to its original condition. We can replace your entire main sewer line if needed or fix the affected area.

Commercial Plumbing

We have many commercial clients that call Charlotte Plumbing Inc for all their plumbing needs. We specialize in servicing the needs of restaurants, retirement communities, multifamily properties, medical professionals, and many other types of commercial properties.

When you need a plumber that can solve your problems in a timely manner and charge you a fair price please call us. Restaurants and other clients whose business depends heavily on water are often charged exorbitant rates because they have no other choice. We prefer to partner with your business to provide you with service when you need it and at fair rates that do not factor in how bad you may need your problem fixed.

Tankless Water Heater

Many companies try hard to push you to purchase a tankless water heater because the profit margin is much higher than a normal tank water heater. Tankless water heaters are amazing products and great solutions for many clients. However, for some clients they are not a wise investment. If you live alone, chances are you will never recoup the cost. If you are planning to move in a few years – you will not recoup the cost. Our goal is to help you factor in not only the advantages of a tankless water heater but to provide an honest evaluation of your needs and usage. Your home is an investment. For many people a tankless water heater is an excellent addition to their investment but for some is an investment that will never pay them dividends.

We always acquire all the appropriate permits that are required to install a tankless water heater. We handle scheduling all the inspections with the county. If someone tells you that you do not need a permit they are wrong. Protect your house and your family and have your tankless water heater inspected.

Drain Cleaning

Unfortunately, drains get clogged. The older your home is the more likely you will experience a clogged drain line. Whether your home is brand new or 100 years old, we have the right tools and equipment to clear any blockages in your drain line. We can unclog sinks, showers, tubs, toilets and main drain lines.

Why Choose Charlotte Plumbing

Many plumbing companies are so big that it’s nearly impossible to speak with the owner or a licensed plumber; others are so small that the owner has a wrench in his hand all day. At Charlotte Plumbing my goal is to speak with any client that would like to discuss their issue with a 3rd generation licensed plumber. For clients with more complex and expensive issues, I make it a priority to visit their property to ensure our technicians are providing the best service.

We always provide flat rate pricing – this means that we quote the job upfront and we always stick to our original quote. Prior to starting any work, you’ll know all your options and we’ll help you make the best decision to save you time and money.

We warranty all of our work in writing. Different products and services will carry different warranties. We will let you know in writing what type of warranty your service carries. We strive to give the best warranties in the Charlotte area.

We encourage you to read our reviews and see what others in Charlotte are saying about Charlotte Plumbing Inc.

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